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850+ hours of NATE recognized training

$420 for a one year subscription that gives you access to 850+ hours of NATE recognize training or you can subscribe monthly at $37 a month to gain access to the same 850+ hours of training.

Live Faculty Monday-Friday 11AM to 7PM

  • $420 a year or $37 a month for 850+ hours of NATE recognized training.
  • Access to our CMHE Live Faculty Monday-Friday 11AM to 7PM
  • PST or adjusted to other time zones across the US.
  • Student support via our Student Services group.
  • A win for your NATE training program

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Certified HVAC & Refrigeration Training at Thermal-King University

For just $420 a year or $37 a month, you can gain access to over 850 hours of NATE recognized training.

Our comprehensive program includes the convenience of live faculty support from CMHE, available Monday through Friday from 11 AM to 7 PM PST, with the flexibility to accommodate various time zones across the United States. Additionally, our dedicated Student Services group is committed to providing ongoing support to ensure your success in the NATE training program. It’s a winning opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge in the HVAC industry.

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Thermal-King, Inc., your certified NATE training partner

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