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Elevate your HVACR career with Thermal-King, Inc, your certified NATE training partner in Eastern Washington. NATE, the industry standard for professional certification, empowers technicians to showcase their specialized knowledge through rigorous exams. As you embark on your journey to excellence, consider the diverse certifications offered by NATE, tailored to the evolving needs of the HVACR industry.

NATE Certified Training Parter

Thermal-King, Inc. is delighted to declare its collaboration with the North East Washington region as an authorized source for NATE Certification and Training center. Our partnership is designed to support the growth of HVAC technicians by offering guidance and instruction in both the Certified HVAC Professional (CHP-5) pathway and the Traditional Path. This initiative merges training and certification seamlessly, promoting practical on-the-job learning for HVAC professionals.

CHP-5 certification pathway

The CHP-5 certification pathway diverges from the traditional format by comprising five 30-question exams, as opposed to the conventional 50-question core exam and 100-question specialty exam. Each exam delves into one of five distinct subject domains:


  • HVAC Fundamentals, Electrical and Controls, Comfort and Airflow, Installation, and Service. Although NATE recommends taking the exams in order for a smoother progression, technicians have the flexibility to choose the order in which they tackle the exams. Candidates are allowed up to six months between each exam for dedicated study and preparation.
  • Our objective with this certification structure is to simplify the certification process, grouping content areas logically to enhance technicians’ preparation for the exams. These new exams are available in both traditional in-person formats and remote live online proctoring, offering technicians the flexibility to take the exam from their homes or workplaces at their convenience.
  • For those who prefer the traditional Core and Specialty exam pathway, rest assured that it remains a viable option. The introduction of the CHP-5 pathway does not eliminate the traditional route.
  • Technicians achieving NATE certification through the CHP-5 pathway will need to fulfill recertification requirements every two years to maintain their certification status.

Earn 850+ hours of NATE recognized training

Ignite your HVACR career to new heights with Thermal-King, Inc. – Eastern Washington’s premier NATE-certified training partner. Elevate your skills and embrace an exciting journey of professional growth!

Training Resources:

NATE Training Academy:
We are excited to introduce the NATE Training Academy, developed in partnership with Interplay Learning. This online platform provides technicians the opportunity to train for NATE certification exams at their own pace. The comprehensive courses, available on-demand, feature interactive and immersive elements such as “field-like” 3D and VR simulations, videos, and knowledge checks. To learn more about NATE Training Academy’s CHP-5 exam preparation courses, contact our support staff.

Official NATE Study Guides:
NATE has curated a study guide specifically tailored to aid technicians in preparing for the CHP-5 exams. This paperback guide is enriched with graphics and practice questions at the end of each chapter. The guide is available for purchase in the NATE online store.

Thermal-King, Inc. is committed to supporting the growth and success of HVACR technicians in the North East Washington region through this dynamic partnership with NATE. Together, we strive to elevate the standards of excellence in the HVAC industry.

NE Washington NATE CHP-5 Exams

Traditional NATE Certification Pathway:

Technicians who opt for the traditional NATE certification pathway will follow a time-tested route that involves two essential exams – the 50-question NATE Core exam and a 100-question Specialty exam. These exams assess a candidate’s knowledge in various aspects of HVACR, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the field.

Key Features of the Traditional Pathway:

  1. NATE Core Exam:
    • The 50-question NATE Core exam evaluates a candidate’s general knowledge, construction knowledge, and HVACR-specific expertise. Topics covered include:
      • Safety
      • Tools
      • Basic Construction
      • Using Basic Science
      • Achieving Desired Conditions
      • Taking Temperature and Humidity Measurements
      • Basic Electrical
  2. Specialty Exam:
    • The 100-question Specialty exam delves deeper into specific areas of HVACR, assessing a technician’s proficiency in specialized knowledge, installation, service, and more.
  3. Certification Maintenance:
    • Technicians who successfully complete the Traditional NATE Certification Pathway must adhere to recertification requirements every two years to maintain their certified status.

Thermal-King, Inc. as Your Study Resource:

As a dedicated partner in the North East Washington region, Thermal-King, Inc. is committed to supporting individuals pursuing certification through the Traditional NATE Certification Pathway. We recognize the significance of this well-established route and offer valuable resources to aid in effective study and preparation.

Why Choose Thermal-King, Inc.?

  1. Expert-Led Training:
    • Access expert-led training sessions, providing in-depth insights into the topics covered in the NATE Core and Specialty exams.
  2. Comprehensive Study Materials:
    • Explore comprehensive study materials curated to align with the Traditional NATE Certification Pathway, including textbooks, practice exams, and supplementary resources.
  3. Flexible Learning Options:
    • Benefit from flexible learning options, including in-person classes and online resources, allowing individuals to choose the mode of study that best suits their preferences.
  4. NATE Training Academy Collaboration:
    • Thermal-King, Inc. collaborates with the NATE Training Academy, an online platform developed in partnership with Interplay Learning. This platform provides technicians with a flexible and interactive way to prepare for NATE certification exams. To learn more about NATE Training Academy’s Core and Specialty exam preparation courses, contact our support staff.
  5. Official NATE Study Guides:
    • Access official NATE study guides designed to enhance preparation for the Core and Specialty exams. The paperback guides include graphics and practice questions at the end of each chapter and are available for purchase in the NATE Online Store.

Choosing Thermal-King, Inc. as your study resource ensures a supportive and comprehensive approach to achieving success in the Traditional NATE Certification Pathway. Our commitment extends beyond certification – we are here to guide you towards excellence in your HVAC career.

More Information

Ground Source Heat Pump Loop Installer:

Achieve top-tier status as a Ground Source Heat Pump installation technician. Thermal-King, Inc, in collaboration with the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), offers a certification that sets you apart in the industry. Discover the Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs) for this certification here.

Senior Level Efficiency Analyst:

Demonstrate your mastery as a senior HVACR technician with the Senior Level Efficiency Analyst certification. Thermal-King, Inc supports your journey by offering this pinnacle of achievement. The open book exam allows you to use your materials, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your knowledge. Check the eligibility criteria and Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise by contacting our support staff.


Activate myNATE with Thermal-King, Inc:

Seamlessly manage your NATE certification with myNATE. Thermal-King, Inc facilitates account activation for easy access to credit balances, training proof uploads, and contact information updates. Connect with customer service for activation details.

Earn Training Hours:

Thermal-King, Inc recognizes the importance of continuous learning. NATE accepts both in-person and online training, ensuring your credits align with your specialty or cover general areas like safety, electricity, controls, codes, and regulations. State license credits in these domains are also welcomed.

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