Commercial Refrigeration Service

Commercial refrigerators and freezers are vital to most food service kitchens. These appliances keep food cold, fresh, and safe for consumption.

Commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers can be classified by the types of cooling that they use. The two main commercial refrigeration types are absorption systems and compression systems.

Since commercial refrigerators have a variety of different parts working together, if one is not performing as it should, other parts in the unit could also fail or become damaged over time.

Thermal King, Inc’s commercial refrigeration repair Service comes with a 90-day warranty and a 24/7 service line. We also offer commercial refrigeration installation, commercial refrigerator maintenance, commercial freezer repair, commercial ice maker repair, commercial ice machine installation, and commercial freezer maintenance in Liberty Lake, WA.

To learn more about Thermal-King, Inc Services and our commercial refrigeration services contact our team.

Thermal-King, Inc Install and Repair Service

  • Installations and repairs of
    • Walk-in coolers and freezers
    • Blast chillers
    • Reach-in coolers and freezers
    • Ice machines
  • Other services
    • Refrigerant recovery and recycling repairs
    • Refrigerant leak detection and repairs

Please note that we service cooling systems of all makes and models

Commercial Refrigeration