The ARC Thrift Store - Spokane, Washington
HVAC Preventative Maintenance

At Thermal-King, Inc., we don’t just fix HVAC systems; we breathe life into them. Our recent preventative maintenance service at the ARC Thrift Center in Spokane, Washington was more than just a routine check-up; it was a meticulous dance with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units that left them singing in harmony. Join us on a journey through the intricate steps of this preventive maintenance service, where each move was a note in the symphony of comfort.

Disassemble and Clean – The Furnace Ballet:

Imagine a delicate ballet of wire brushes gracefully disassembling and cleaning furnace burner assemblies. This meticulous act ensures that the heart of the HVAC system beats with efficiency, eliminating any dust or debris that might hinder its performance.

Visual Inspection – Spotlight on the Heat-Exchanger:

In the spotlight, the heat-exchanger takes center stage. A thorough visual inspection ensures that it’s ready for its role in distributing warmth efficiently, guaranteeing that the ARC Thrift Center stays cozy and inviting.

Changing the Tune – MERV 7 Air Filters:

Enter the air filters – the unsung heroes of indoor air quality. We change them like the maestro changes the score, opting for MERV 7 or greater to keep the air crisp and clean. Each filter is marked with care, a signature that promises freshness.

Make-Up Air Makeover – Filters and Replacements:

The outside make-up air and economizer filters receive a makeover. We clean them with finesse, replacing any damaged ones at an additional cost. It’s a glamour session that ensures the HVAC system breathes freely.

The Mechanical Waltz – Sheaves, Pulleys, Bearings, Oh My!:

Our technicians engage in a mechanical waltz, inspecting and adjusting sheaves, pulleys, bearings, fan blades, and blower wheels. They dance to the design RPM, a rhythm that guarantees the performance is in sync.

Belt Symphony – Installing New “Cogged” V-Belts:

The installation of new “Cogged” V-belts is like tuning instruments before a grand performance. Each unit gets its own set, and a spare belt is provided – a safety net ensuring the show goes on uninterrupted.

Combustion Choreography – Checking Main Burner:

A visual check of the main burner follows – a combustion choreography ensuring that the flames dance in perfect harmony. It’s a spectacle of precision and safety.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Triumph at ARC Thrift Center

Drain Line Drama – Disconnecting and Flushing P-Traps:

A dramatic pause in the routine occurs as our technicians disconnect and flush out P-traps and drain lines. The P-traps, left on the roof in a conspicuous location, await reconnection in the spring. It’s a temporary farewell in anticipation of warmer days.

Thermostat Tango – Calibrating and Validating:

The thermostat tango begins, where each thermostat is validated and calibrated. Like dancers following a routine, they ensure the perfect temperature during occupied and unoccupied times – a dance of comfort and energy efficiency.

Heating Differential Ballet – Minimum 15 to 20 Degree Delta-T:

In the heating differential ballet, each unit showcases its temperature prowess. With a minimum 15 to 20-degree Delta-T, they perform a balancing act that promises warmth without excess.

Electrical Ensemble – Inspecting Contactors and Components:

The electrical ensemble takes the stage next, inspecting contactors and all electrical components. Any damage or voltage drop is addressed promptly, ensuring a seamless performance.

Pan Pantomime – Cleaning Condensate Pans and Drain Lines:

In a pan pantomime, our technicians clean condensate pans and flush out drain lines. It’s a cleansing ritual, preparing the HVAC system for its next act.

Heat Exchanger Encore – A Visual Inspection Redux:

The heat exchanger gets an encore, a visual inspection once more. It’s a double-check, ensuring that every nook and cranny is ready for action.

Safety Device Sonata – Inspecting and Operating Furnace Safety Devices:

The final crescendo arrives with the safety device sonata. Inspecting and operating furnace safety devices, our technicians ensure that the HVAC system stands as a bastion of safety.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Success!

In the grand finale, as the curtains close on this preventative maintenance spectacle, the ARC Thrift Center is left with a symphony of comfort. At Thermal-King, Inc., we don’t just fix HVAC systems; we create masterpieces that resonate with efficiency, safety, and unparalleled performance. The show must go on, and with us, it always does – in perfect harmony.

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