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Commercial HVAC System Upgrade

Value Village, a thrift store with locations throughout North America, recently completed a tenant improvement project for their commercial HVAC system. Thermal-King, Inc, HVAC installation specialists, were called in to perform the upgrade at their Spokane location.

The new HVAC system includes a variety of energy efficient components, such as high efficiency air heaters and chillers, air conditioners with variable speed motors, and equipment that is designed for low sound levels. These features will not only reduce energy costs for the store but will also improve comfort levels for customers and employees.

Commercial HVAC System Upgrade

In addition to the Commercial HVAC System Upgrade, Thermal-King Inc also installed a new air balancing system in order to ensure that rooms within the building are evenly cooled or heated depending on the season. This will eliminate hot and cold spots throughout the store, making it more comfortable to shop.

Overall, Value Village was very pleased with the HVAC system upgrade provided by Thermal-King Inc. The new HVAC system will save them money on energy costs and make the store more comfortable for their customers, making this tenant improvement project a success!

The Thermal-King, Inc commercial HVAC installation specialists takes pride as a local company with years of experience in the Spokane area. Their HVAC system upgrade for Value Village will ensure that the store maintains a comfortable atmosphere for many years to come.

With Thermal-King, HVAC installation projects can be done quickly and efficiently without compromising quality. Their team of experienced professionals are ready to handle any HVAC installation project, no matter how large or small.

How can a Commercial HVAC System Upgrade help my business?

An HVAC system upgrade can help you make your business more energy efficient and cost effective. By upgrading to a more advanced system, you can save money on energy costs and improve the comfort level for customers and employees. Additionally, an upgraded HVAC system will keep your business running smoothly throughout the year as well as reduce hot or cold spots in the building.

Thermal-King, Inc commercial HVAC installation specialists offers Upgrades

Thermal-King, Inc is the perfect choice for all your tenant improvement projects. With their experience, knowledge and commitment to quality service, they can ensure that your HVAC system upgrade is completed quickly and correctly. Let Thermal-King, Inc help you get the job done right!

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