Our top priority when we got to the location was to Inspect all materials, concrete slab dimensions, and blueprints for the installation of the walk-in cooler/freezer combo. We then Squared up and anchored in the first freezer floor panel brackets reversed. Gathered all information needed to be fully prepped and started notching out panels and moving forward with installation.

The next thing we did was diagnose the concrete and building not being square causing problems with the bracket placement. Found and chalked out a new square and corrected brackets. Installed 4 more floor panels and 2 more brackets.

Installation of all reversed cooler/freezer securing brackets

After that, we finished the custom installation of all reversed cooler/freezer securing brackets. Next, we verified that the concrete, at the outside entrance floor panel that leads into the freezer lands, was not level and got that completed.

Upon arrival, and after the former approved inspected placement, we were informed that the current placement of the walk-in cooler/freezer needed to be moved 3″ forward because the contractor found that the steel beam was in the way of the walk-in cooler door entrance through the building. We then uninstalled all panels and panel securing brackets and reinstalled all brackets and floor panels 3″ forward. We were then ready to seal all custom bracket cuts with butyl.

Installation of all walk-in-cooler panels/doors

Next on the list was the installation of all walk-in-cooler panels/doors and then the installation of diamond plate flooring, door curtains, trim, roof membrane with flashing, and silicone on all panels and exterior base.

While the last section was involved the next part of the process was all about securing and installing front brackets, and nylon bolts to secure walls on all the sides and back ends of walk-in brackets.

Last we finished installing all nylon bolts through wall securing brackets; sealed brackets and penetrations with silicone. We then covered the evaporator all-thread and nuts on the roof of the box with silicone and foam, Installed the roof membrane, and secured/ sealed with silicone to the existing wall and roof trim following 6 overlaps underneath all trim.

We then cut the excess roof membrane, silicone all walk-in cooler/freezer panel joints, inside and outside, and Installed diamond-plated flooring with butyl sealant applied underneath each panel’s perimeter.  last but not least we installed a door curtain entering the freezer from outside. This Job is complete.

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